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How our Story Began…

Our history with tea began many years ago on a trip we made to North Africa.  The tea ceremony is a ritual, every detail counts.    It is served in a silver teapot, on a tray accompanied with coloured brocade glasses.   It is a display of colour and aroma.  In fact this trip was for us a great turning point, which led us to delve into the knowledge of this fascinating world of infusions.

We began to taste different varieties of tea and little by little we got used to enjoying and savouring all the delightful flavours and aromas.   Upon our return home, we decided to take a tour of the best known tea shops in our city.


Our Inspiration

We explored in remote places the most delicious and endearing teas, in the most unexpected neighbourhoods.    The tetaries were not so widespread at that time, and although we found teas of good quality, it was not comparable to our lived experiences, which led us to that weakness towards tea.

That´s when we started to think about the idea that other blends could be made and offer more flavours.  Every time we travelled we tried to find places we liked to have tea.

Travelling the world, little by little,  the idea of creating our own mixes and being able to cover the need for friends, family and acquaintances, even ourselves was born.   To be able to offer a tea of the highest quality without having to bring it back from our trips.

This is how “Serenitea” was born,  to accompany all those unique and special moments, helping to create that moment of pleasure,  that Serenitea moment.

From Serenitea,  we hope you enjoy our extensive and varied menu of special teas and we wish you many happy moments.

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